What To Bring To College: Things to Split With Your Roommate


“Hey. Dorm rooms are pretty big maybe my roommate and I can just bring two of everything?” No! Shut your mouth when you’re talking to me. Listen: your dorm is small. The last thing you need to do is clutter it with two refrigerators, two microwaves, two 4-foot bongs, etc. Here is a list of things we here at DormDelicious think you need to split and share when you come to college.

How should we decide who brings what, you ask. Well, usually colleges will provide you with a phone number or e-mail address so you can contact your future roomie. It is best to just talk it out. A good idea might be to each buy items in full but split them up instead of sharing the cost of each item, since inevitably you will have to decide who gets what at the end of the year (unless you really hit it off and decide to room together again). To review the essential items you each should bring, check out What To Bring To College Part 1: Essentials.

TV and DVD player
You will watch a lot of movies and TV with your new friends, and you’ll need something to watch them on. Also, TV can be comforting during those awkward first two weeks. Just don’t be too anti-social. Nobody likes a loser.

For soda… that’s right, soda.

A microwave might be more or less important depending on how much your college’s food sucks. Great for reheating all that take-out you will be ordering at 2am.

Area Rug
If your dorm room isn’t already carpeted you should consider investing in an area rug. Make sure to get a dark color, and make sure it looks good no matter which side is up. You’ll be glad it’s flippable when you spill red wine, chocolate sauce, soy sauce, and marinara on it simultaneously (ask me how that’s possible, go ahead ask).

Now that you’ve got the big stuff covered, make sure you read about all the little stuff you may have forgotten about.

Did we forget something? What did you split with your roommate? Leave us a comment!


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