What To Bring To College: Essentials


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There are lots of sites out there that will give you a checklist of what to bring to your college dorm when you first move in. Let’s face it, though, they are probably out-dated or written by a parent that wants you to over-prepare and end up with a room full of stuff you’ll never use. This series of articles will bring together all the what to bring lists into one up-to-date super college checklist that leaves out the unnecessary.

For easy reading, I’ve divided the list into parts: essentials, easily forgotten items, and things to split with your roommate. Without further ado…

Computer: It’s that thing you’re staring at right now, and it is probably the most important thing to bring to school these days. How will you access Facebook without it?

Clothes: Nobody wants to see you naked. Not all the time anyway.

Bedding: Most schools have “extra long” beds. To be honest this only applies to the sheet and appears to be a money-making plot devised by “campus bedding supply” organizations that pretend it will be a huge deal to find bedding that will fit your bed. Don’t listen to their lies, any bedding will do.

Toiletries and something to put them in: You’re going to have to brush your teeth even though your mom won’t be there to make you anymore. You should also shower once in a while. Don’t forget that the bathroom might be a bit of a walk so you should find something to carry everything easily.

Towels, and a bathrobe: Avoid that awkward moment when you step out of the shower only to discover you forgot to bring towels and must put on your dirty clothes soaking wet and walk all the way back down the hall, listening to the haunting laughter that signals the destruction of the last shred of hope that someone might mistake you for cool this semester. Not that I would know.

DVDs in a single case: The boxes will get crushed. Repeat, the boxes will get crushed. Your drunk friends will sit on them, and your precious Friends DVD collection will be gone as fast as you can say moo point. Put them all in a sturdy case so you can easily carry them around to wherever you need to go.

Radio: No doubt your friend will have a one hour show on the student radio station that you will be forced to listen to. Bring a radio to save the embarrassment of completely missing his Hooked on a Feeling cover fest that includes the illustrious David Hasselhoff’s brilliant rendition. You’re right, you probably don’t need a radio.

Headphones: Chances are you won’t enjoy the soothing sounds of Norwegian fantasy metal quite as much as your roomie so it is probably a good idea to come prepared with something to tune it out.

Credit card: Even if you aren’t down with the whole credit card thing, it is a good idea to have it around for emergencies. Plus there’s nothing like a little 20% interest to make you feel old in a hurry.

Driver’s license: Inevitably you will want to compare how terrible your license picture is with everyone else. That, and it is a good idea to have some form of government issued ID with you. Just make sure it is not stashed “cleverly” right behind your fake ID from a different state.

iPod: You will “acquire” a ton of new music when you get to college. If you hope to listen to all of it you will need to be listening at all times. Make those walks/rides to class a little easier. Hell, make class a little easier. Just don’t rock out too much or the professor might notice.

Don’t forget to read parts 2 and 3 of the what to bring to college series, Things You Should Split With Your Roommate and Things you might have forgotten.

Did I forget something? Leave a comment and let everyone know what you think is essential!


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