Staying Together After High School: Must or Bust?


Senior year and still going steady? Wondering if it’s time to cash it all in and ask for your science club pin back? Check out our list of pros and cons and figure out if you and your honey should stay together after graduation!High school is a special time in many people’s lives–probably yours. Primarily if during those four years of higher education you happen to meet that special someone. Once senior year rolls around, however, the burning question is: will you stay together when one or both of you heads off to college?

It’s important to make this decision for yourself, but before you start booking that bus ticket upstate, let us give you a list of pros and cons to sticking together through Freshman Orientation.

Pro: A Solid Support System
College can be kind of intimidating, especially if you’ve hardly ever been away from home. There’s so much of your life in transition, so much of who you are is fluctuating and it might be nice to have someone around who knows you through and through. Having someone who will talk to you every night and commiserate about the smelly bathrooms or your crazy roommate may just be the ticket for you.

Con: A Lead Balloon
Though at first the idea of having a link to your high school years around for support, you may find that more of a hindrance than a help. In a new school where no one knows your past, it’s nice to start fresh and decide who you want to be, without having to deal with baggage from years gone by. By clinging to someone who only knows your high school self, you may be stunting the growth of the person you’re meant to become in college.

Pro: Keeping The Love Alive
Long distance is a challenge, but it may be just the thing to spice up the romance between you and your high school honey. Because you can’t slip notes to each other in the halls anymore, you’ve got to amp up the communication (and, in turn, the romance) in other ways. Phone calls, emails, care packages—these are a few ways that you can stay in touch and still feel like you’re only a gym class away from each other.

Con: Missing An Opportunity
Your whole social circle expands when you get to college. Your high school may have had only a couple hundred students, your college will have a couple thousand undergrads—and at least half of them will be attractive. If you decide to stay with your sweetheart, it’s important that you understand what you’re giving up: meeting new romantic possibilities, going out on college dates, and experiencing the thrill of finding someone with whom you have more in common than just the same homeroom teacher.

Pro: The Love Of Your Life
Everyone’s heard the story. Perhaps it was from your parents, the couple next door, or a friend’s grandparents. Either way, you’re aware of people who met the person of their dreams in high school and never looked back, spending their entire life with the same person. It’s terribly romantic to think of finding your soul mate in the lunch room, and it’s just possible that you and your special someone will survive all the trials and tribulations of separation and live happily ever after.

Con: The Life You Love?
As romantic as it sounds, it’s important that you realize all the consequences that come with sticking with one person from senior year to Senior Citizen Day. If there are things you want to accomplish in life sans your significant other, it’ll be hard to manage if they’re still around. If your dream in life is just to be with your high school love forever, that’s great—if it’s not, you should consider taking a break and realizing all your other dreams and goals.


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