The Greek Life: Should You Join a Fraternity/Sorority?


Joining a fraternity or sorority is not right for everyone, and Greek life varies from school to school, house to house. Before you decide to take the plunge, make sure you are willing to make the commitment. Greek organizations can take a up a lot of time, and membership dues can be pricey.

Figuring it out

First off you need to figure out why you are joining a fraternity or sorority. This helps because it gives you an idea of what kind of fraternity you want to join. Some organizations may put a greater emphasis on social life while others may put a greater emphasis on GPA, although most have a balance between the two. Whether you’re interested in the co-ed pre law fraternity or the Jewish sorority, make sure you know what you are looking to get out of your Greek experience.

Ask around

Now that you know what kind of Greek organization you want to join, you should get opinions from people you meet about which fraternities or sororities may suit you best. Remember, that people will have pre-conceived notions of what type of person you are based on the organization you join. It seems shallow, but happens often, and is something to consider. Do not make your decisions based entirely off of what you hear, but do take what you’ve heard into consideration.


During rush go to all the houses that you are considering joining, and then go to a few that you don’t think you’d join (because you might end up changing your mind). Make sure that you meet many of the members in the house, these people want to meet you and you want to meet them. No matter how much you like someone, don’t spend all night with them, this is a game of quantity over quality.

Making your decision

Now that you have the information and experience from following our tips, its decision time. Here are some final questions to ask yourself: Where did you feel most comfortable? Can you see yourself being life long friends with the members? Which house do you feel would best meet the needs of your college experience? Most importantly, you need to understand that nobody can make the decision for you. While its okat to take opinions, don’t make your decision on what your friends or parents think. Ultimately it comes down to you, and where you think you’ll be happiest.

Good luck!


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