Scheduling: How to make your life easier


Semesters come and go, but the comfort and leisure with which you are able to experience each and every one can make all the difference. Everyone will tell you to avoid early classes, but in the following paragraphs I will explain how to make your schedule as simple as possible and in doing so make your life much simpler as well.

The usual advice would be to avoid classes in the morning and never to schedule a class on Friday. But there is more to it than that. What I have found in my college experience is that the key to a viable college schedule is research and spacing. I have developed a few steps that go into the previously mentioned necessities and they are as follows in order: Sorting, Research, Placing, Spacing, and Committing.

Step one is sorting.

Sorting requires a certain understanding of the larger picture. This is because sorting refers to your overall course plan, and making sure you have accounted for necessary credits in the schedule you hope to create. Do not skip this step! If you neglect to sort out your major, GE, and or language requirement you may end up spending an extra semester or two in school

Step two is researching.

Researching means you must inquire in all forms in regards to the quality and ease of any and every class you have an interest in taking. Ask your friends, consult, ask your RA and don’t forget to ask friendly neighbors in class (chances are they have the same major as you and the older ones will be well versed in all the teachers in your department). Research how many professors teach the class, when and where they are scheduled and keep track so that you don’t have an overlap in your ideal schedule. If you do find an overlap you should have backup classes sorted, researched and ready to fill the slot.

Step three is two parted.

The two parts are placing and spacing. As mentioned above overlap can occur. So go into your schools web registration program and schedule each one of your ideal classes. Keep steps one and two in mind. Next take a look at the organization and time between classes. Try not to have too many classes crammed into one day. Even though this may free up another day it will not make your life easier. What I have found is that the easiest way to avoid stress andto breeze through a semester with good grades is to always have time in the day before a class to achieve last minute success. The procrastinator that almost every college student becomes is bound to push most if not all the work to the last minute the night before it’s due. God forbid that last minute is crammed full of work from more than one class. If you keep your classes spaced, each and every assignment will have its very own night dedicated to solely its completion (No Rush). Sure, no class Friday is nice, but not everyone will be able to achieve that triumph, and you may be sitting in your room waiting for your friends to get back from class anyway. If you don’t believe me, the trial by fire method is sure to lead you to conclusions similar to mine.

The last step is committing and it’s the simplest of all.

If you have done all the steps listed above then you should have a big grin on your face in excitement for the upcoming semester. If not, you may be a bit shaky regarding one or two professors and you may have to expect some late nights and early mornings. Regardless, click the commit button on the web registration and print yourself a fresh original copy of your life for the next four and a half months.

As always don’t forget to enjoy whatever experiences and tribulations may befall you, and always take pleasure in all that college has to offer.


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