Review: Sungale LED Desk Lamp And Digital Photo Frame


I’ve been interested in digital picture frames ever since I built my own out of an old Apple Powerbook 3400. At that time, I decided to do it myself because a legit digital photo frame was prohibitively expensive. Well, times have changed, prices have dropped (dramatically) and when Sungale came to us and offered to let us review a combination digital photo frame and desk lamp I couldn’t resist.

In a college dorm, everything ends up serving at least two purposes. Your bed is also a couch, your dresser is also a bar, your desk is also a bar, your bar is… well you get the point. Space is at a premium so the more functionality you can get out of each item in the room the better. The Sungale LED Desk Lamp Digital Photo Frame is a great addition to a collection of dual purpose dorm room furnishings.

Sungale Desk LampIn its primary capacity, the CD358LD is a sleek lamp. It has a rounded base with unobtrusive controls that include a dimmer for the LEDs. The lamp is bright, and since it uses LEDs the light is nice and white, eco-friendly, and will last much longer than regular bulbs (up to 30,000 hours!) The lamp has a bendable arm so you can adjust what you’re lighting easily.

Of course, the most interesting part of the lamp is that its base doubles as a digital picture frame and audio/video player. Despite all its functionality, I found the lamp pretty easy to use. You can load photos and video either by connecting a USB cable to your computer or by plugging in a USB drive, SD, MMC or MS memory card. I plugged in a drive with some photos on it and it took off with a slideshow without any setup. I also was able to play a couple of videos I had on my hard drive with ease, as well as a couple MP3s. The speakers are small but pretty loud. For more technical information, you van visit Sungale’s website

The screen is clear and bright, and pretty roomy at 3.5″. I don’t know if you’ll want to screen the latest blockbuster on it, but it’s nice to have some photos scrolling by while you sit at your desk studying. For me the photo frame feature is the best and most useful, and since you can take your memory card straight out of your camera and put it into the lamp, it’s easy to load in the latest pictures you took from a weekend with friends or last night’s debauchery get-together.

SungaleAs I am a bit of a technophile, I can definitely recommend this combination desk lamp / digital photo frame, but I think it’s great even for non-techies because it’s easy to use, nice to look at, and (always important for the dorm) packs a lot of functionality into a small package.

The Desk Lamp is now available on Amazon and they are offering $25 off! Click here to buy it now.


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