Ready for Fall? 5 Decorating Tips to Spice Up Your Dorm Room


One of the best and worst things about going to college is the dorms. On one hand, you have acquired an entirely new sense of freedom, you meet hundreds of new people, and every night is a slumber party. On the other hand, dorms are a far cry from what most students are used to, which is their own room, with plenty of closet space, and a semi-private bathroom. Moving away to college removes a lot of the comforts of living at home, such as home cooked meals, too.

Luckily, you can completely personalize your room to make you feel like you have more of your own space! Although it’s important to make sure you’re not infringing on your roommate’s territory, there are a plethora of ways you can make yourself feel more at home.

1. Buy Fun Bedding

Since your bed is going to be one of the biggest objects in your new room, make it pretty! Beds in dorm rooms are always singles, the least expensive size you can buy, which makes the possibilities for your new bed endless! Stores like Target and Bed Bath and Beyond have deals for college students, and it’s easier to match your bed to the rest of your room if you buy everything in the same place.

This fun bright bedding was from Target, while the great canopy inspiration comes from blogger Lovely Undergrad.

2. Get Organized

Because dorm rooms are so small, they get messy really easily, and keeping your things neatly stored in drawers is a great way to keep everything organized. You can even buy closet-insert hanging shoe pockets, so your shoes don’t end up all over the floor. You can get great containers to match any décor at a variety of stores. As stated previously, Target and Bed Bath and Beyond are great for this sort of thing, and they match, but there are other stores like The Container Store and Ikea, which are also inexpensive and helpful! These purple organizers are from Bed, Bath and Beyond.

3. Cover the Walls

Plain white walls beg to be covered in fun colors, but unfortunately, you won’t be able to paint the walls in your dorm. On the bright side, you can cover the walls with corkboards, magazine clippings, art, and photographs. The great thing about a corkboard is the fact that you can pin anything to it without the walls looking like you’ve had a woodpecker infestation. Also, you can change what it looks like whenever you want! This vintage-inspired design is from Sarah Thomas.

4. Cover the Floors

Another way to add some color (and cover up unsightly stains from last year’s residents) is to cover the floors with colorful, patterned rugs. You can get rugs of all shapes, sizes, patterns, or colors, and they break the monotony of white walls and boring rugs. You can buy rugs at pretty much any store, and if you’re buying a whole set of bedroom gear, they usually match very nicely. This fun pink one is from The Vintage Garden.

5. Increase Your Lighting

Dorms often have insufficient lighting, or just plain old boring lighting. Lighting dictates the ambiance in your room, and bland white or yellow light won’t do anything to improve it. Make sure to buy a desk lamp as well as a floor lamp, and experiment with different lampshades to determine what color makes you feel the best. You can also buy a simple lampshade and draw on it, making it glow different colors and look like a piece of art at the same time!

When decorating your dorm, you’re able to take half of a room and completely personalize it. By mixing and matching different bedroom accessories, as well as covering the walls with whatever your heart desires (besides paint), you can make your dream room. The lack of creativity in your dorm’s design gives you ample opportunity to get creative and make it look fabulous!


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