Organizing Tips To Make Your Dorm Room Feel Larger


College rooms are always smaller than you expect. But no worries, here are some tools that can help you organize your new dorm room.

Wall and Door Hooks

Use hooks for your towels, shirts, pants or shorts. Clearing up the clutter on the floor will make your room feel bigger, and cleaner. Standard hooks come with a sticky back. But if drilling is allowed, you can also screw or hammer hooks into the dorm walls.

Bed Risers

If you decide that you don’t want to loft your bed, then getting bed risers is a great choice. They are generally black plastic cubes that go under each leg of the bed. They raise your bed by 6 inches, enough so that you can store some larger items under there.

Storage Tubs

Storage Tubs will save you tons of space. You are sure to have textbooks, winter clothes, and bathroom items that you will need to store. Having a single storage place for all these items will make your life easier and your dorm cleaner. Once you get some bed risers, you can easily slide storage tubs under your bed.


Although they can consume some space, shelves are a great way to organize your dorm. You can use them for your books, magazines, toys, picture frames, etc.

Shoe Organizers

If you have more than three pairs of shoes, you are going to want to purchase a shoe organizer. You can hang these in your closet or on the back of your door. They makes storing and organizing your shoe collection super easy.

Using these items in your new dorm can help you utilize your available space efficiently and make your room seem less cluttered, and most importantly, larger.


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