Moving Into College: 6 Steps For A Quick, Relaxed Move-In


Move-in day is stressful no matter who you are. Here are six tips for staying calm, getting set up fast, and leaving the rest of the day to relax and enjoy college life. Move-in day is stressful no matter what year you are. Here are six steps to staying calm, getting set up fast, and leaving the rest of the day to relax and enjoy college life. When you’re ready to leave at the end of the year, be sure to read our article about moving out of college.

1. Wake up early
You can spend the rest of the year waking up after noon, but for this one day why don’t you wake up early? If you flew to school you can beat the rush to pick up your packages and if you are driving, you can be sure to find parking. You will also get to the key distribution table before the lines start forming (but make sure not to get there before it even opens!)

2. Strategize and know the rules
Since you woke up early and have some time, walk up and find your room before you haul all your stuff into the building. This way if your room is tough to find you won’t wear yourself out carrying your 32-inch TV and lava lamp collection up and down 4 flights of stairs. Also, if you have a car you will know where the closest place to park is before you dump your gear on the sidewalk. Speaking of parking, make sure you don’t park in a tow zone or something. Nothing will ruin your move like getting your car towed away while you spend two hours aligning and leveling all your picture frames.

3. Get organized
If you flew to school, your stuff is probably already in boxes, but if you are driving it should be boxed up too. Much as I enjoyed watching my freshman year roommate walk his stuff in hookah by hookah, beanie by beanie, it didn’t look as exciting for him. He probably could have made two trips if he had thrown it all in a couple boxes.

4. Relax
Once you get everything into your room, chill for a second. You’re already early, so kick back and take a look around. Since your roommate probably isn’t here yet, you get to take the best side of the room (the one with the most closet space, the most shelves, the window, or whatever is important to you).

5. First things first
Don’t just dive into the first box you see and start unpacking, do the important stuff first. Make your bed, put your clothes in the closet and drawers, and then plug in your laptop, phone, iPod, blackberry, whatever needs to get charged. Nothing like running out of batteries right when that hot blonde chick said she’d call about the late night lingerie party. Word to the wise: if you buy the standard college bedding set, wash it before you use it! Trust me, I woke up dyed green. It was a good conversation piece, but slightly embarrassing.

6. Peace out parents, hello freedom
It’s so hard to say goodbye to yesterday. Great song, but Boyz II Men probably weren’t talking about their first day at college (weren’t they like 12 when that song came out?) Point is, it’s time to get rid of the parents (if they even came to move you in), unroll the beer pong posters and start living the good life. At this point you can set up the rest of the room the way you want it, then head outside. I repeat, go outside! Do not start up AIM and talk to your high school friends. It’s time to start meeting people. Help someone on your hall move in or just hit the green and strike up a conversation.

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