Luxurious Living On A Budget


Megan blogs for Charade and writes about living a fabulous lifestyle on a student budget. We’ve invited her to DormDelicious to share a couple tips on what she knows best – living luxuriously without much cash.

Having your room reflect the luxurious lifestyle you want is a great idea. Altering your living space can have a profound effect on your state of mind; mood and level of productivity, so for students not long away from the nest it can be a very useful activity.

Striving for luxurious living on your student budget can mean quite a bit of time, effort and creativity. Get motivated by your desire for a more glorious existence. Don’t think of it as a chore to work for a beautiful room, instead think of it as a treat to yourself.

Make the most of what you’ve got

More than likely your bed is the focal point of the room, yes? It probably takes up the most space and therefore will be the most eye-catching. If this is the case then you want to make the most of this specific area. Add colour with a large throw or assorted cushions, and always aim to have the bed made up if you want the rest of the room to benefit. If you feel you have something that stands out more than the bed, like a big set of shelves or a large wardrobe then focus on keeping these areas looking great. Remember that if your focal point looks great it can draw attention away from faltering areas like an overflowing wash basket (hey, nobody’s perfect!)

Make a statement

If you are stuck with regulation dull magnolia walls which you are prohibited to paint then why not add fabric to your walls using this method? Key items like this fur rug or satin sheets can also cost effectively add that element of luxury to your small space.

Love the little touches

Why not frame pictures or magazine cuttings to decorate your walls for that sophisticated feel that posters just will not fulfill? Make the most of your natural light source by strategically placing mirrors to reflect it and get yourself one or two shaded lamps for a soft glow in the evenings.

Just add flowers

Buying some fresh flowers regularly or having a hardy little plant in your room can work wonders to lift the mood, brighten the atmosphere and look devastatingly luxurious. Just make sure you don’t leave them for dead! Purchase a spray bottle to keep nearby so you’ll never overlook your watering duties.

jewelry branchGet creative

Sites like iVillage can show you how to get crafty in making your small space work in the best way it can for you. With the aid of a google search you can find ways to tastefully organise just about anything, for example how to attractively display your jewelery.

Keep an organised closet

If your closet is badly kept then, not only will this in turn generate more mess for the rest of your room because you won’t be able to store your clothes properly, but it will cause a continual headache to find what you’re looking for, and that’s certainly not what I call luxurious living. Separate your closet into sections; this can usually be done whatever your closets size if you’re creative enough. Have a space to hang tops, dresses, jackets and trousers and buy hanging cubbies to incorporate and organise those troublesome articles like bags, scarves, hats and even towels. Utilise the bottom of your wardrobe with a small shoe rack or attractive boxes for whatever you need to store. Add a further storage solution by affixing hooks to the inside doors of your closet. The better you can arrange your closet the less likely it is that your room will accumulate mess.


Keeping colours and patterns matching yet sophisticated, and keeping colourful clutter to a minimum and aptly grouped means you’ll achieve a streamlined, tasteful look to your space. Use this article on Colour Theory as a helpful start point.

Keep it clean

They do say cleanliness is next to Godliness, and what’s more luxurious than Godliness? A few simple changes to your daily habits can work wonders in altering the whole way you feel about your room, so you’ve got no excuse not to follow the Dorm Delicious cleaning tips given here.

To conclude, luxurious living on a budget takes a bit of effort; you have to actively create the positive difference you want to see in your living space and in your life. Luxurious living is a state of mind, and once you’ve cracked that everything else will fall into place. Visit my blog Charade for more.


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