How To Use Your Summer Holiday To Prep For A Better School Year


Hi guys! It’s Kaleigh, from, and my friends here at DormDelicious have been kind enough to invite me to do a guest post for all the DormDelicious readers. The summer is a great time to relax, hang out with friends, and recover from the long academic year. However, just because you’re having a lot of fun, doesn’t mean you should completely overlook the year ahead. Summer can also be a great time to get a jump on your next school year to make it even better and take off some of the stress once it’s time to get back to business. Here are three tips on how to use your summer holidays to prep for an even more successful school year.

Beach Reading

Somehow, reading a book that you don’t have to finish in a week takes infinitely less time to read than one that you do. You’ll probably read a couple books over the summer anyway, whether it’s at the beach or on your break at work, why not make it a productive read instead of re-reading Twilight for the 38th time? Go online, talk to previous students, or even e-mail your profs to find out the required reading for your upcoming classes. You can pick a few books at random, or, if you have the full syllabus, pick readings that you know will be covered during a hectic time of year, like near exams or Christmas break. This way, when these readings come around in class, you’ll already have them done and can either relax, or use the extra time to review and get caught up on everything else that’s due.

Write On

The most writing the average student does in the summertime are 140-character tweets, but neglecting your writing skills can put you back to square one come September. Find excuses to practice a more refined type of writing by sending a letter to the editor of your local paper, preparing a cover letter for future job hunts, or even asking your favourite blog if you could submit something. It never hurts, and it can even be fun if you’re creative. Plus, by the time school comes around again, you’ll be truly glad that you decided to hone your writing skills over the summer instead of sliding into bad habits.

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Keep It Tidy

The last thing you want to be worrying about when you’re sitting around a campfire is whether your tuition papers are in order, but it’s also the last thing you want to worry about when you’re trying to enjoy your last week of freedom in August. This summer, be proactive in staying organized by doing a little bit every day. Stay on top of any bills and paperwork that you have to complete for the fall. Clean off old files from your computer and do regular virus scans to keep it running in peak performance. And make a to-do list of all the things you typically leave until the last minute when prepping to go back to school, so that you can check things off one at a time throughout the summer instead of panicking in the last few days. Staying organized throughout the summer will save you a lot of stress in the fall, and will help keep you in an orderly mindset to transition more easily back into academic mode.

These tips are simple, but if you follow them, you will be able to make the most of your summer holiday to prepare for your best school year yet. You’ll still have plenty of time to party and relax with friends, but following these tips will allow you a little extra time to relax this school year. And, really, couldn’t we all use a little more time to de-stress? For more advice on everything a college girl needs to know, check us out at


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