How to Deal With Your Weird Roommate


1. No one is a mind reader. [Kindly] tell your roommate what you like and what you don’t like, that way they know when and how to stay out of your way.
2. How is your roommate supposed to know you can’t fall asleep with the lights on? They are too busy alphabetizing their comic book collection. Ask them to use their desk lamp, it makes a huge difference.
3. Hide your silverware (just trust me on this).
4. You two have more in common than you think. At the very least, bond over your hatred of homework.
5. If you don’t want someone playing your X-Box all the time, maybe you should just leave it at home. You can always go down the hall and play with your real friends.
6. When they start playing the Talking Heads album for the millionth time, politely ask them to use headphones. It’s really not that big of a deal.
7. Set up a “policy” so that when you bring back your crush, your roommate doesn’t greet you two at the door wearing nothing but their Flintstones slippers.
8. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Biblical, I know, but it really works.
9. Think big picture here – you’re only stuck with this person for one out of four years. Besides, absurd roommate stories make for great conversation.
10. Embrace their inner-freak and set yours free so you can laugh with your roommate, not at them.


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