Home For The Holidays? Time To Stock Up On Some Dorm Essentials


We all once lived in a simpler time. A time where we wouldn’t spend our pennies on floss and Charmin.

The holidays are here, classes aren’t yet and you’re most likely at home now. While you might think this is a time to completely forget about school (which honestly isn’t all that bad of an idea), it’s also a perfect time to prepare for when you come back.

Not for classes. Think “supplies”.

If you just grab stuff and bail from the supermarket, it’s called “shoplifting”. If you shoplift from home though, that’s just “love”. You obviously can’t go overboard, but there are a few places that can prove to be founts for your college experience.

The Bathroom

Buying toiletries is like buying insurance. Nobody likes paying for toilet paper or toothpaste, but is there anything worse than when you need them and don’t have any? The answer is “no”. This should be the worst thing on the list. If there’s extra, just glean that backup toothpaste and soap and leave just enough to remind your parents that they’ll need to restock shortly.

The great thing about stealing toiletries is that they’re light and easily concealable. You can secretly load up and Mom and Dad will never be the wiser.

Dorm EssentialsThe Kitchen

This one’s just as obvious, but it’s important to be smart.


  • Dry goods like macaroni and cheese or pancake mix
  • Canned goods like chili or soup
  • Cereal


  • Milk
  • Bread
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Anything that spoils

There’s a chance that, when you get home, you’ll be exhausted. You want to make sure that you can forget something in your car and not have to worry about it. Raiding the ‘rents place should not be a stressful endeavor.

Miscellaneous Goods

Febreeze. Laundry detergent. Cleaning supplies. Your mom’s scented candles.

Whatever you need, it’s there. There are some advantages to heading home and extending your adolescence. Looting the bare necessities is definitely one of these.


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