Dorm Activities: How to Have Frat-Free Fun


Don’t worry if wild parties just aren’t your thing. There are lots of fun dorm activities that you won’t wake up regretting the next morning. Here is our guide to fun without the sweaty basement, shirtless men, and bad music. For the first week of college, you’ll be inundated with activities and social events. If you’re like me, you’ll probably want to sample every one of them, to get an idea of what college life is like. So you’ll go to a toga party…and get punch all over your new Twin XL sheets. Then you’ll try the house party…where a 35 year-old “sophomore” will tell you about his keg stand scars. Finally, you’ll go back to your room and wonder: “Is this what college social life is going to be like?”

Let me be the first to say, it doesn’t have to be like that. If you’re not in to the party scene, and don’t like rubbing up against a room full of strangers, there’ll be plenty of other things to do in college that will keep you entertained. Here’s a list of things to do once that first week buzz begins to wear off.

Go to a Show

This isn’t your middle school theater department. College drama productions are very professional, and often colleges and universities will bring in outside directors from local theater companies to direct school shows. Many of the actors study theater and plan to become professional, so in addition to seeing a great show, you might be catching the early career of a future Laurence Olivier or Julia Roberts. Usually inexpensive (theater tickets can range from free to about $10), a show is a great “cheap” date activity that is sure to score you points.

See the Big Game

Even if you’re not going to a Big Ten School, a sporting event is a lot of fun and a great way to meet people from your school. There’s nothing like cheering on your school to rev up some school spirit and camaraderie between you and that hunky guy in your Chemistry Lab. Tickets are usually discounted for students, so you can enjoy heart-pumping action for little or no cost.

Check Out the Local Music Scene

Though they do play music at frat parties, it’s typically not the most cutting-edge bands or the best lyricists that are getting airtime. Luckily, most colleges around the country have vibrant underground music scenes. Often bands will play at coffeehouses or buildings around campus to try and captivate the student body’s attention. You could discover your new favorite band, or just make a few friends while jamming along to the music.

Get Fancy

College is a great time in your life, because you’re not yet an adult, but you’re definitely not a kid anymore. Why not try being an adult for an evening and plan a fancy dinner out with your hall mates? Get all dressed up and hit the town with your friends, checking out that funky ethnic restaurant you’ve been dying to try. It’s certain to be more fun than trying to strike up a conversation with a drunk classmate in the middle of a smelly fraternity lounge.

Take A Class

I know, I know. You’re thinking, “But I’m taking classes all week! Why would I want to take another!?!” Just chill out for a second and let me explain. Colleges and universities often offer more fun and relaxed classes on the weekends through student groups on campus, like ballroom dancing or yoga. If there’s an activity you’ve always wanted to try and learn, check out your Student Activities office and find out if any of the clubs on campus offer lessons. By the end of the semester, while other students are getting trashed in some sketchy basement, you’ll be learning the perfect yoga position or twirling that gorgeous blond from your Comp. Lit. class on the dance floor.

Stay In

Though going out is fun, sometimes it’s nice to stay inside with your pals and have a silly night in. Grab the Scrabble, Monopoly and MadLibs and have an old-school sleepover with your entire hallway, complete with pajamas and pillows. These are just some suggestions of many dorm activities – after a couple of rounds of Truth or Dare, you’ll be having so much fun you’ll completely forget about the noisy frat party you were thinking of attending.

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