Delicious Site: Find Dorm Supplies Easily At Dorm Spot


Recently we were contacted by Tim over at Dorm Spot, who let us know all about his site that helps students shop for common dorm room needs. They are also adding cool features like a list builder, which allows you to create a list of things you want to bring to your dorm.

An extension of this that we think is particularly cool considering we’ve already given advice on what to split with your roommate, is that you can add roommates and view their lists to make sure you don’t overlap.

Here’s what Tim had to say about Dorm Spot…

Usually, preparation for the first year in college is a shot in the dark at best. Half of the stuff on your list you end up not needing, and the rest you end up buying after you get there, once you realize how unprepared you are. Until Dorm Spot, there wasn’t really much out there to help college students find and acquire everything needed for freshman year in the dorms.

The “big box” stores focus on the college demographic only a few months out of the year, have a limited selection, and usually require you to hop from store to store to get all of the supplies you need. Dorm Spot was created to provide a year-round resource for students to find great gear and supplies pulled from many different web sources, displayed all in one spot. It is updated daily by real people to show the best deals and items that fit the college lifestyle from stores like Target,,, AllPosters, Brookstone, and many more.

Tim also let us in on what the future of Dorm Spot looks like…

We have released the Beta version of our “Checklist Builder,” which allows you to build your very own checklist from a database of common items and then share it with your roommates. Also in the works is a powerful textbook search engine that searches all textbook sites, and even gives you the option to rent if you’d like.

Cool! We think it’s a great idea and wish everyone at Dorm Spot the best of luck.

This post is part of a series focusing on Delicious Sites – websites that help you lead a more delicious dorm life.


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