Clean Your Dorm Room; Impress Friends and Neighbors


The second thing that can make or break your dorm room (the first being color) is cleanliness. That’s right. Smelly rooms don’t attract the ladies (or gentlemen), nor do dust bunnies that rival actual bunnies in size. I am not saying that you must clean during any moment of spare time, or obsessively dust your baseboards. However, keeping your room clean will both help your state of mind and your popularity. With that said, here are a few things that you should have in your room:

Dustbuster and/or vacuum
Dustbusters are excellent for sucking dust bunnies out of your room’s nooks and crannies, and watching this devouring of dust is actually quite enjoyable. If you have a carpet-less room, you could sweep…but who has the time? Get a dustbuster! Vacuums are pricier, but worth the investment if you have a large room with a lot of carpet.

Paper towels
Oops! I spilled coffee all over my tiny desk and it’s slowly creeping towards the essay I just printed out. WHATEVER SHALL I DO? Paper towels to the rescue! They are dirt cheap, and are good to have around.

Some sort of mop, if your room is carpet-less
This is a purchase for the more anal types, who remember the color their floor was at the beginning of the year, and would like to maintain it. I recommend a Swiffer mop or something like it.

Sponges and cleaning fluid
If you have a sink in your room, these are both a must. Treat yourself to a classy toothbrushing experience.

A functional trashcan
Trash on the floor is a no-no. Trash overflowing your trashcan is also a no-no. It’s smelly and ugly, and really, I expect more from you.

And recycling
Please recycle. It is quite easy, really, and you can feel good about your contribution to the world.

A couple more tips on how to keep your room looking fine all the time…

  • Do laundry semi-regularly, especially if you are an athlete. Clothes get smelly. No one likes your B.O., even your true love. Sorry.
  • If you have a roommate or share a common space with other people, have a quick talk at the beginning of the year about everyone’s cleaning expectations. Make some sort of chart if you enjoy that sort of thing. Talking with your roommates will both help keep your room clean and maintain your friendships.

Happy cleaning! You smell better already!


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