5 iPhone Apps For College Students


Read on for five cheap/free applications that will help you in your pursuit of higher education… or something.

5. iDrink | App Store Link

Did I say higher education? I meant getting drunk. Classily. iDrink not only serves as a reference for tons and tons of fancy drinks, but it also lets you search for drinks containing ingredients you have on hand. Let the great experiment begin!

4. Pandora Radio | App Store Link

Did I say getting drunk? I meant proving your superiority by referencing obscure new bands as often as possible. Let Pandora be your guide as it selects new artists for you based on your musical tastes. If you haven’t been introduced to the glory of Pandora yet, the iPhone app is a great place to start. You can listen as you walk from class to class – with the 3G network it should stream pretty well, though it works on EDGE too.

3. EasyTask Manager | App Store Link

Okay, okay, so you want to get some work done. FINE. EasyTask will help you manage and remember all your homework assignments, grocery lists, etc. and you’ll have access to them on the go. The app syncs with a computer program, which is nice, but you have to pay for it. The iPhone app is free!

2. Recorder | App Store Link

One woefully forgotten element of the original iPhone software was a lack of voice recording capabilities. Now with the addition of third party applications, a number of developers have thrown their recording applications into the fray. The aptly named Recorder looks particularly promising. Use it to record lectures, make notes to yourself, or store ideas for that novel you’ve been workin’ on. You remember that novel? Hmm? Brian?

1. Facebook | App Store Link

Let’s face facts. You’re going to be checking Facebook obsessively anyway, so why not make it easy on yourself. This app is a huge improvement over the original Facebook web application, and allows you to stay current on all those picture postings and relationship status changes on the go. Never be out of the loop again! Just try not to Facebook in class, at least until Apple allows you to run the Recorder application and Facebook at the same time…

Did we forget something? Let us know what apps you’ll be using this Fall in the comments!


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