11 Roommates You Might Have Your Freshman Year of College


11. The Oversleeper

Maybe they are partying hard until the wee hours, or maybe they just need the rest. Either way you’re like two ships passing in the night. Or like one ship passing a rock. That snores.

Cons: With the shades always down, it feels a bit like eternal winter.

Pros: Not feeling guilty waking up at noon knowing your roomie will be asleep until dinner.

10. The Musician

Ready to whip out the old guitar at the drop of a hat, The Musician is always willing to play “Sweet Child O’ Mine.” Poorly.

Cons: Getting tired of hearing just one verse of 15 different songs.

Pros: Free tickets to the charity benefit concert in the student lounge. But you probably should have just paid for tickets. It’s for charity.

9. The Health Nut

Most people discover healthy eating after a few too many late night meatball subs, but the Health Nut is already there and incase you were wondering, yes they do feel pretty good about themselves.

Cons: Those judging eyes when you walk into your room with a whole large pizza late Friday night.

Pros: Those barrels full of oats and quinoa are great when you need extra seating.

8. The 27-Year-Old Canadian Hockey Player

Everything’s bigger up there.

Cons: Your room smells like the YMCA lockers.

Pros: Can legally buy beer; may even let you have some.

7. The Party Pooper

When not in the library, The Party Pooper is in your room, pooping on your party.

Cons: Total buzz harsher

Pros: At least you know your room is a quiet place you can study. Yay?

6. The Hipster

Listens to bands that don’t even exist yet.

Cons: Nothing you do will ever be cool enough.

Pros: It will be impossible to avoid knowing who the next Arcade Fire is. And where they’re from. And what their drummer thinks about Miley Cyrus.

5. The Bro

Just a bro trying to bro down with his bros, bro.

Cons: Everything smells like Axe Body Spray.

Pros: Down to let you rip Dave Matthews Band’s entire back catalog.

4. The Slob

Is that… Oh God, yup, that’s a pizza.

Cons: Living in an episode of Hoarders

Pros: Nobody to tell you to clean up after yourself

3. The Lightweight

There’s a first time for everything.

Cons: Cleaning up in the morning.

Pros: Re-telling stories from last night. Sometimes the stories are even true.

2. The Party Animal

Party early and often.

Cons: Wading through empty beer cans to get out of the room.

Pros: Always down to party. Literally always.

1. Your Best Friend


If you’re lucky and the stars align, your roommate will turn out to be your new best friend. Even if it’s not your roommate, the friendships you make in college will last a lifetime, so enjoy them. Even the weird ones.

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